6 pot stand

6 pot stand


Who else has a plant problem? The garden isn't big enough and the house plants keep breeding and you only have a yard in the back, so you cant grow anything anyway. This is a game changer!

May I present to you, the tiered plant pot stand. This guy holds 6 terracotta plant pots, on a sturdy steel frame. Perfect for a little herb garden, or for getting those house plants organised. It stands at 85cm tall and it is 42 cm wide so it doesn't take up much space. Each terracotta pot is 14cm x 12 cm. It is handmade in 10mm steel bar, it would be fine inside or out.

These are perfect for the gardener that doesn’t have a garden. They are great inside or out, and they can stand on a hard surface so are great if you only have a patio or yard to grow in. Grow a selection or houseplants or a selection of herbs and keep them all nicely contained in this easy to move and easy to water pot stand. They come with a choice of the black or terracotta pot.

All the metalwork has been handmade, by us, in our workshop in Nottinghamshire. Each item is made from solid tubes of steel bar ensuring quality, long-serving items that compliment your garden. Because they are handmade the final shape may vary a little. The rusty patina is purely aesthetic, chosen as a more natural looking alternative to bare steel. The metalwork can be painted if desired, simply rub lightly with wire wool and apply an outdoor/ enamel paint (like Hammerite) in your chosen colour.