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Perfect basic supports for individual plants, garden edging and grasses. Can be used individually or in a series as needed. Strong supports that withstand vigorous use in the garden, and can be used year after year. (Charles Dowding uses the same design in his garden). Available in packs of  5 or 10 in 3 different sizes.


Large- 8mm steel bar 58cm w x 30cm d x 84cm h

Med- 8mm steel bar 44cm w x 18cm d x 68cm h

Small- 6mm steel bar 21cm w x cm d x 45cm h


The steel will develop a natural rust patina and will blend into your garden giving a rustic, cottage garden aesthetic.


Handmade in our workshop in Nottinghamshire. Get in touch if you are looking for wholesale prices.


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Moon shaped plant supports

PriceFrom £30.00