Decorative tall sphere

Decorative tall sphere


120cm tall x 35cm wide x 35 deep
made from 10mm and 8mm steel bar

The twisted sphere atop the metal pole makes a super decorative feature in the garden, without taking up too much room in the precious growing space. A fabulous addition, without over-shadowing the garden, these look great in a flower bed, aside a doorway or along a path. They would make a great addition to an event with a floral display or candle inside.

All the metalwork has been handmade, by us, in our workshop in Nottinghamshire. Each item is made from solid tubes of steel bar ensuring quality, long-serving items that compliment your garden. Because they are handmade the final shape may vary a little. The rusty patina is purely aesthetic, chosen as a more natural looking alternative to bare steel. The metalwork can be painted if desired, simply rub lightly with wire wool and apply an outdoor/ enamel paint (like Hammerite) in your chosen colour.

You can collect from:
Posh Tat inside High Trees Garden Centre,
LS18 5HZ.
Please feel free to get in touch if you have any queries.